The Healthcare Dilemma

Why is it that we have to disagree with each other so feverishly and angrily?  I don’t buy the ‘it’s because we’re passionate’ argument.

I remember it clearly; the distinct point in time where I realized that adults have just about as much maturity as a 10-year old at times.  I think I was around 20 or 21 when I came to this realization.   What triggered this for me was my parents divorce and the back and forth/arguments/bickering that went on. 

I look at these town hall meetings that are so widely covered in the media (a la Fox News) and think the same thing about the level of maturity of some of these people.  It’s the same people in these clips – old, caucasian rabble-rowsers in the meetings yelling and spewing forth their anger.  Are we really dealing with the issues though?  Are we really trying to help each other come up with a better solution?  I think that there are some people out there who just like to complain.  I agree that Congress doesn’t know the best solution for the healthcare dilemma – but we aren’t offering any solutions by having a child-like tantrum at these meetings.

We wouldn’t have half these medical/healthcare problems if we weren’t a nation so addicted to sugars, fats, alcohol and the like.  I am not health nut – but let’s try to sit down and perpetuate change by making different personal decisions (eating, exercise) and coming to the table truly caring about each other and this country.  Going to a town hall meeting because Fox News has scared you into it or because you just like the attention is not the answer.

Hello world!

Here it is people!  My first blog posting ever.  Yes, I am a bit behind the times.  Was it the late 90s when people started to do this? 

Top 3 Reasons I Have Started a Blog:

1.  Bored – I bore easily and this seems like something that I could get into.  Then again, I am easily distracted and flitting from project to project, hobby to hobby.  Must be the Gemini in me.

2.  Fame and Fortune – Maybe I can make some money off of this one day when a big movie exec finds my blog and thinks it’s so fabulous and marketable that he’s got to get it on the silver screen.

3.  Too Lazy – I’ve always wanted to ‘journal’ and this seems like a great alternative/scrapbook.  I’m too lazy to actually get a notebook and then get a pen and write.

So there it is.  The first post.  With that being said, welcome to my fabulous blog.